how positive your plans or actions are, as long as it is attached to a negative thought it can lead to the collapse of your goals. 

Why do we need to develop and maintain positive thoughts? Because your thought is the engine that drives your life. You have to keep them Positive to stay positive. When you don’t, It’s like putting a faulty engine in a very beautiful car what do you think will happen, your guess is as good as mine. The thought is so powerful that it is the seat of ideas. Some say that the thought generates ideas. It is the very place that ideas begins to grow and it is very important we ensure that our thoughts are the very positive ones.

Now, what happens when someone has developed or has the habit of sticking to negativity? what can the person do to overcome them.

Here are five easy ways to overcome negative thoughts.

1. Avoid Negative people if you can’t change them: in life there are lots of people with different idea, beliefs and views about things and how things should be done. But there are particular sets of persons that tend to only see the negative side of things. When the both of you are discussing about a particular project you want to embark on they tend to give advice or raise a point that will make you see the project as one not worth the risk. They tend to frighten and discourage the individual that want to carry out great feats. These set of persons are fearful and unbelieving. Avoid those set of persons if you can’t help them, because if you keep on following them it’s only a matter of time you will become like them. Meanwhile you can get so Positive that you don’t need to avoid anyone because your positivity is contagious. And can influence anyone around you for good.

2. Condition your mind to see Positivity: it is not enough to avoid people or friends to stay positive. You also have a part to play in making sure that you stay positive always. For example you want to embark on a project, start by asking yourself; what should I do to make sure this project is a success? Picture the project succeeding. See its successful implementation even before you begin. When you do this, your mind receives the positive energy to start and finish the project successfully.