If you own or manage any kind of store – and most kinds of businesses – chances are high that you’re well aware of how useful plastic containers are when used as merchandise display fixtures. Aside from numerous shapes, sizes, and colors, plastic bins are also available in an assortment of styles. Given the wide variety, how do you choose which container, or containers, is best for your needs? Below are the five kinds of containers you don’t want to overlook – no matter what kind of store or business https://www.dating-vergleich.com/ you manage.1. Fish Bowl ContainersA fish bowl container is one of the most popular kinds of plastic containers. Fish bowls work well to hold everything from a gas station’s small convenience items to a candy store’s gumballs

and wrapped candy pieces.Of course, fish bowls aren’t just useful for displaying merchandise – these containers can also work to serve your customers. For example, some taverns, as well as restaurants and hotels with bars, use fish bowls to serve mixed drink promotions!2. Stackable Plastic ContainersLike fish bowls, plastic stackable containers can hold nearly any kind of merchandise small enough to fit inside them. Convenience stores can use these bins to display items like key chains and cigarette lighters; toy stores can use them to display small toys like bouncy balls; and candy stores can use them to display pieces of wrapped candy.Plastic stackable bins are also excellent space savers, which makes them the perfect choice for store managers and business owners who have little display space to work with. Interlocking stackable containers are designed to attach to one another, one on top of the other, to help the display creator utilize space that didn’t otherwise exist.3. Hinged Lid Plastic ContainersThere are many different kinds of plastic and acrylic bins with hinged lids, and these fixtures are perfect for display merchandise that needs protection from dust and debris and that needs to be kept fresh. Such merchandise might include unwrapped candy, gumballs, and sprinkles and other toppings for ice cream and yogurt.Note that due to the kinds of merchandise that are usually displayed in hinged lid bins, store owners generally need to pair them with other fixtures such as scoops or tongs.4. Hand Grip Plastic ContainersHand grip plastic containers are great fixtures for any kind of merchandise that customers need to pour. This might include dry cereal, ice cream or yogurt toppings, or even small pieces of unwrapped candy. Like hinged lid bins, containers with hand grips should be paired with some other fixture, such as cups.5. Bakery Acrylic BinsAcrylic bakery bins work well in any establishment that sells or offers baked goods like bagels, muffins, cookies, brownies, cake slices, pretzels, donuts, or dinner rolls. Such establishments might include specialist food shops like bakeries, cafeterias, and hotels that offer complimentary breakfasts.Once again, additional fixtures such as tongs are necessary with acrylic bakery bins because they allow the customers to retrieve the items they want without touching any other piece of food.