During our recent weakened economy, many businesses have seen declining revenues and declining budgets.  Declining budgets often lead to reduced staff levels and diminished services.  To me, this does not make sense.  I believe that it is during the down times, when service should be at the forefront and retention of loyal customers even more of a focus.


When price wars fail to drive revenues, businesses often look to service to give them a competitive advantage.  Many big business marketers are returning to a “service sells” mentality, however, many sell great customer service and few deliver.  The problem is that few marketers have ever truly served a customer. 

Throughout my years in business, I have had the opportunity to interact and develop a customer service philosophy.  It is inherent that when you are in a service-based business, there will be times when your customer is compelled to offer you their feedback.  It is what you do with this feedback that will shape the future and their impression of your business.

Upon reflection, most all of my interactions with displeased customers were not the result of a poor product, but rather a disappointing customer experience.  Why is that?  Because, product is not personal, customer service is.  Briefly, I would like to share with you eight critical steps to establish a customer service culture.