It is quite shocking to see that 83% of Amazon sales happen through amazon buy box, and if you as a seller are not able to capture this wonderful opportunity, then selling products on are pretty slim.

In this digital era, everyone is connected digitally and is using the platform for their comfort. Today, a large population uses e-commerce to purchase products for themselves as well as their loved ones. With Amazon at the helm of this fastest growing industry, it is of utmost importance for the sellers to get on board with several aspects of online retails, such as digital marketing, establishing brand digitally, knowing about amazon buy box, amazon buy box alert, and amazon sales tracker. These things will ensure that your business endures in this industry and would stay in the game for a longer run.

So, let us break down and understand what is amazon buy box:

Amazon Buy Box

There is no fixed number on the sellers of the products that the seller can offer on Amazon’s marketplace. A single product can be offered by multiple sellers at a competitive price to win the shoppers. Thus, understanding the ins and outs of Amazon Buy Box will help you create a high-impact on your sales and in attracting new shoppers.

Amazon buy box is the white box on the ride side of the product’s detail page, where the potential buyers can click “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now.” So, when a shopper selects, “Add to Cart”, the seller who has the Buy Box at that moment, gets all the important sales. But when there are several sellers in the Buy Box, then they keep rotating, getting equal benefits.

So, if you want to stand out from all the other sellers, then you need to ensure that the shoppers see your product in the buy box. As today, due to the increased frequency of smaller screens for buying, it has become even more important to capture the buy box.

Amazon Buy Box Alert

It is crucial to be in the buy box after you win a spot there, and you can make it happen, only by continuously monitoring the prices offered by other sellers and your shopper’s decision. You can create an amazon buy box alert and can track absolute as well as relative changes in the buy box.

So, go beyond just selling on e-commerce and take data-driven techniques to be always the top priority for all the shoppers.

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