Diesel cars are a popular trend in the Indian market. Almost many people in India own a diesel car since it is a convenient mode of transport and saves on a lot of money since diesel is quite economical when compared to petrol. In this article we will discuss about diesel cars and why they are the most preferred cars in the Indian automobile industry.

How Diesel Engines Work?

Diesel engines are used in many of the cars and are designated as internal combustion that converts fuel to mechanical energy thereby allowing pistons to move in the engines. The pistons inside a car are connected to a crankshaft that assists in rotating the piston propelling the vehicle to move forward.

If you prefer to go in for diesel car, then you need to take good care of your vehicle since the maintenance of diesel cars is slightly higher than that of petrol cars. Again here the maintenance depends on how the owner maintains his vehicle, the model of the car etc.

Advantages of Diesel Cars over Petrol Cars

Talking about the advantages, diesel cars have a upper hand over https://dailyfordlamdong.com/ petrol cars in the following ways:

No Spark Plugs: Many of the new cars in India make use of air compression when compared to the a normal petrol engine that makes use of air mixture and fuel. As in the case of petrol cars, spark plugs need to be changed at regular intervals, which is not so in the case of diesel cars. Thus, it saves you on lots of money.

Higher Density: Diesel cars have a much higher density than petrol cars giving it a better fuel economy and efficiency. In addition to this, they have a longer life expectancy than petrol cars.

Torque Advantages: Many of the lorry and truck firms prefer to use diesel engines since they get more miles per gallon and can take more loan than petrol engines.

Lower Carbon dioxide Emissions: Looking from the environmental perspective, diesel cars produce lesser carbon dioxide emissions when compared to the petrol engines.