Thoughts: Why do You continute to eat when you are full?This is like a million dollar question. I’ts like yes why why cant I control myself?…what is the answer?…I’m sure we have all continued to eat when we are full and it’s like if we knew the answer it would actually make a difference. Well haaa knowng really does not make any difference. Do u know how to lose weight? Yes, you eat less and exercise more. Do you know how do u quite smking? dont put it in your mouth. you just dont do it. Do you know how to save money? Yeah earn more than you spend. So why isn’t the world full of rich skinny people who dont smoke? Because knowing makes know difference really. So now your probably like ok well I actually do want to be rich or lose weight or stop smoking so how do i do it…? Well actually only you have the answer…if your willing to look. It will be some thought, or belief, or story that you pellet fapellet brikett fabrikett have created. Mine are like “Your fat, your ugly, you may as well keep eating, you deserve it, just go for a run tomorrow, you will never have the body you want anyway, it tastes so good, as if anything will happen if you keep eating, you need the oils”. It is self sabatage. I am aware of these thoughts now and remain separate from them when they come up, instead of acting with them.
And on a scientific level here is an article from a doctor as to the why…The premise that hunger makes food look more appealing is a widely held belief.
Prior research studies have suggested that the hunger hormone ghrelin, which your body produces when it’s hungry, might act in your brain to trigger this behavior. New studies suggest that ghrelin might also work in your brain to make you keep eating “pleasurable” foods when you’re already full.
Scientists previously have linked increased levels of ghrelin to intensifying the rewarding or pleasurable feelings that can be obtained from cocaine or alcohol.
Researchers observed how long mice would continue to poke their noses into a hole in order to receive a pellet of high-fat food. Animals that didn’t receive ghrelin gave up much sooner than the ones that did receive ghrelin.
Humans and mice share the same type of brain-cell connections and hormones, as well as similar architectures in the “pleasure centers” of the brain.
Challenges: If I am stressed or anxious I just want to eat and eat and eat.
Triumphs: I was on the phone today and Steph was eating so I asked if she was eating chocolate balls…she replied with “no, mung beans”. Haaaaa it was so funny I laughed and I felt so grateful to have such amazing wonderful healthy friends! who eat mung beans!!!