Many would have wondered as how a mountain goat could walk and run so fast even on the cliff of a rocky mountain? How a panther or a squirrel could climb and run around on a tree top? How monkeys and birds also climb trees and could live there. Have anyone noticed how a mountain goat or panther or squirrel could move around on top the mountain or tree and how different it is from monkey or a bird?

Does mountain goat hold on the rock firmly to protect itself? Does it have holding feet or legs? How about panther and squirrel for example? None of the animals hold onto the trees during their movement. Whereas, monkeys and birds when they climb or moves on the trees, hold onto the branches. How certain animals without holding on the tree could move swift and fast while other animals needs to hold on the tree branches.

What message do these animals convey to the corporate? People often think that only when they hold on something or leave something, they can achieve. But in fact, holding or leaving is not all that important but how one should balance only make them possible to achieve. The leopard or jungle cat or mountain goat knows to balance while climbing on a tree or walking on the branch or on a mountain. Since they know to balance or have perfected the art of balancing very well, they do not hold or catch anything.

But monkeys and birds could balance only when they holds or catches on the branches of a tree.

The message to be learned by the corporate employees is that the art or knowledge of balancing oneself in any situation is important. If such knowledge is not available the corporate employees will only ending up in blaming the situation. Whether by holding or not holding on the situation, one has to balance oneself to be successful.

The panther (leopard) despite being a very big animal, still it could balance on the tree top without holding the branches. The trick of balancing is important and not the size or weight of the body and that is what panther tells us.