For medical cannabis Denver has several viable outlets. These locations can assist patients who need a medical marijuana prescription. Although the drug continues to have its skeptics, and although it remains the topic of much political debate, studies continue to reveal that it is a relatively harmless drug compared to many prescription drugs already approved by the FDA.Research conducted by the Food and Drug Administration shows no reported cases of medical marijuana being a primary suspected cause of any patient deaths. Other drugs used to treat the same symptoms and conditions that cannabis is prescribed for have been implicated in patient mortality. This study compared over a dozen different prescribed drugs and found marijuana to be among the safest in the study.Other substances tested included anti-psychotics, anti-emetics, pain killers, anti-spasmodics and drugs for narcolepsy, depression and attention deficit disorder. While many of the other tested drugs are not regarded as dangerous, the study found them to be more potentially lethal than marijuana. This is despite the fact that outside the medical field, marijuana is still treated like a schedule one narcotic by many law enforcement agencies.Although the study did find that some individuals were using marijuana at the time they died, in no instances was it regarded as a primary suspect in causing the death. In rare cases it was seen as a secondary suspect in conjunction with other drugs.

By comparison, most other drugs in the study were primary suspects in a number of deaths, often hundreds or even thousands of deaths. This study lends weight to the argument that cannabis is less dangerous than most other prescription drugs and that lethal side effects rarely, if ever, occur.The bottom line one can take from the study is that cannabis tends to be safer than many prescription drugs on the market. It can effectively treat patients for a number of conditions without producing lethal side effects that other drugs often have the potential of creating. Few drugs seemed to be as innocuous as marijuana.This study is likely to enliven the political debate surrounding medical cannabis. Although in political circles its use is still controversial, most physicians recognize its therapeutic potential, at least for some conditions. Properly regulated, it appears to pose minimal risk to patients relative to many other prescription drugs. The FDA data is part of a growing body of literature that argues for the usefulness of this drug in treating some conditions.There are many dispensaries in Denver open for patients who may need medical prescriptions for marijuana. These facilities are available for people who have a documented reason for obtaining the substance.