The desire to remain young never fades. When you are young at heart you lighten up your surroundings. But, along with feeling young we all want to look young. As youth fades away and age starts to set in you need to take care of your skin. Simple skin care tips will help you to look charming even while you are not so young. The natural way to reverse aging is to live a healthy life. As ages catches up you need to have some anti aging tips in your kitty to camouflage your age.

Life style management:

Smoke your age, do not smoke:

This is the most vital anti aging tip. Smoking accelerates aging of your skin. It destroys the collagen, reduces its levels and this is the primary reasons for aging skin. Thus, a smoker ages fast. Your stamina levels recede and with time you feel less energetic. It damages the elastin in the dermal layers, which provides elasticity and pliability to our skin tissues. This leads to skin sagging and wrinkling. Cigarette smoking constricts the blood vessels. They deliver oxygen and nutrients to our skin cells.

Belly full of good food:

You are what you eat. Some foods combat the aging process. The foods that you shun might well shun your aging and help the process of anti aging. Our body wears out as a result of cellular destruction by free radicals. They are molecules or atoms with unattached electron. They are produced by normal body processes where oxygen is utilized. These atoms seek to attach to another atom. If they attach to DNA of a cell, damage occurs and the cell eventually dies. This is where food plays an important role. Food that contains antioxidants neutralizes free radicals by stabilizing them. Anti oxidants like Vitamin C and E when consumed through food reduce the possibility of free radicals to cause damage to cellular structures, including skin cells. Thus, it is advisable to eat a diet rich in antioxidants, like colorful vegetab