There are negative influences to be found all around us in this world.  Some people inexplicably wait for the next negative event seemingly with bated breath, whilst others, like me, do everything in their power to repel such influences.

I’m sure that you, like I, have come across people who seem to be surrounded by a black cloud of mood-dampening negativity, and the creepy feeling of that dark mist reaching its arms out to grab you makes you want to turn tail and flee!  I sometimes have to stop myself from physically putting out my arms as a barrier against those dark and dreary vibes, or covering my ears so as to stop a negative droll from entering my hearing space.  My body language must be screaming out, yelling at those vibes, telling them to get away from me; that I do not want to catch that contagious disease called negativity.

In my imagination, this really is what I am doing; I am holding up a stick and warding off that tenacious terrier dog, stopping it from nipping at my ankles, I’m covering my ears, turning my back, holding out a shield and generally putting on all of the mental armor I can find in my tool kit of mental skills which I carry in my back park wherever I may go.  Sometimes I imagine that I am expanding, growing bigger and stronger and taller, whilst at the same time that black cloud of negativity is shrinking and fading and disappearing.  And at other times I just imagine floating up into the air, with sunlight bathing me in warmth and comfort, and looking down upon that misty and murky fog from a great distance.


When I open that back-pack of mental skills, its great fun to see how they continually grow in number.  I found the other day two new tools – a gun for paintballing and a laser gun, enabling me to “zap” negative influences and keep them well away from my comfort zone and prevent them from entering my personal space.  A favorite of mine is a mirrored shield, which sends negative vibes straight back to whence they came.  Another is a magic wand which can be used for many purposes, not just to turn annoying negative things into frogs. That magic wand can be used to send bright sparkles over to those who are brooding, black and moody, so as to brighten up their day as well.

Central of course to this theme of protecting yourself from negativity is to first ensure that your own habitual thoughts are positive and to have the confidenceand self-belief to know that your own relaxed, happy and positive feelings and vibes will always prevail. It is from this solid core of inner confidence that your mental skills spring from.  You can pad out your back-pack and enhance your mental skills through employment of your creative mind, which you can access and more fully utilize with the help of hypnosis.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for self-improvement, self-confidence and well-being.