The Internet has opened up a whole new era of business
opportunities. Falling trade barriers combining with easy access
to trade information thanks to the Internet have created dramatic
possibilities and sparked the growth of global online trade in
virtually every area.

Many companies are taking advantage of electronic media quite
aggressively by making new contacts, tapping into new markets
and reducing costs with the help of online technologies.
Whether you are starting a new import business or planning to
expand your existing business, you too can use the Internet as
your primary channel for getting information, sourcing products
or services, finding suppliers and doing your marketing.

Before the Internet era, finding a viable product for importing
was not an easy job! Trade shows and traveling to foreign lands
were the two best options available for getting hands on
information on a product and its supplier. Today, required
information on any conceivable product from virtually any market
is available at your finger tips.

Finding a product

If you know what you are planning to import, a substantial work
is already done! Otherwise, your first step is to choose a
feasible product or service to import. Whether you are planning
to import a general merchandize or an industry-specific product,
do your homework right.

Browse through Catalog repositories, B2B exchanges, electronic
trade boards, trade journals and virtual trade shows to find a
product. If you know the manufacturing country from where the
product is possible to source, check out the country specific
portals and exchanges. Here is a list of high quality electronic
trade boards:

For China made products:
Sourcing from India:
For Russian Products:
Products from Europe:
From South Korea:

For other country-specific or industry-specific B2B exchanges
check out this list:

Your criteria for choosing a product for importing should include:

Your prior knowledge of the product you intend to import and its
industry. Your possibility of success increases considerably if
you know the product well.