I have just finished putting up an actual working site and eBook that demonstrate many of the techniques I that I discuss in my Making Money Series Video Training Titles and eBook Training Titles. The web site is used for advertising the eBook, interacting with fans, announcing upcoming events, and other promotional tasks.

You can find links for the web site and ebook in the authors resource at the end of this article. Take a look at the web site so that you can follow along with this discussion of the techniques used.


The web site is designed using a free Blogger account on Google so the only real cost for the web site is about $10 per year for the domain name. Speaking of Domain Names you will notice that the blog is hosted on its own domain instead of showing the standard Blogger account URL, that is fairly easy to do using instructions from Blogger, especially if you are hosting your domain name on Go Daddy, Blogger has a simple link to set up the forwarding automatically. You can also buy a domain name right through Blogger and have the forwarding set up automatically. If your domain name is hosted somewhere else there are easy to follow instructions on Blogger for that as well.

The first thing you will see on deadofnighttales.com is the look and feel, this is set up using a standard template from Blogger with a few customizations for the type style and color. Next you will see 3 tabs, Home, Sign-Up, and Books. Blogger makes it easy to create specialty pages for your blog. The Home page is a standard blog page with all of the nice blog features, auto date inclusion, archiving of past posts, ability to set up favorite links, etc. One of the reasons to use a blog as a web site is that they are so easy to set up using the supplied templates, you can get a web site up and running in a week or less with no trouble. Once you have gone through the steps you could actually set up a Blog in an afternoon, I have done several of these to promote individual titles or topics.