Choosing a site and starting online dating can be stressful. There are a lot of things to consider before starting on the free singles sites. If all the precautionary measures are not taken, you can get into serious trouble. Keep yourself on the safe side by going through the following steps.

·        Do not give away your personal information. You may use your first name and put up your own picture as the display picture. Avoid using your last name and posting about the place where you work. Do not share your information with anyone you start talking to, unless you start knowing the person very well.

·        If you wait for everyone to start talking first, then you are sure to miss some good people. If you find someone interesting on any free singles sites, then don’t hesitate or fear rejection. Send the person a message that you would like talk and know the person more.

·        Once you find the person interesting and like to continue contact, give your email address first. In this way, he/she can contact you in person and write privately.

·        Now when you have written a few times and have received a good response, give away your cell number. Move things slowly but forward. Do not give your home phone number as they can be traced and not changed easily. This would help you start talking on the phone without any fear and knowing your date better.

·        Meet your date at a public place the first time. Obviously, you have not seen the person and are still doubtful of a relationship, so make sure you keep things simple and straightforward.

·        Your first date might turn into a great experience or a disaster. Once you get the hang of it, you will know better how to take things from the start.