You probably is addicted to the idea how to become rich without any afford. Many people think it is easy to win a million dollars just to play lottery often enough. Some of them even make a budget to play every week or so. I want to share an idea how to increase chances to win.Here is a solution. Non profit website”>attracts people to play lottery in group.A pool is a group of people who want to share their money input, their tickets and their probable winnings.Let’s learn some pros and cons of this idea. For example. There are several players in pool, let’s say 10 people. Everyone makes a deposit of 2 dollars per draw, like 6/49 lottery in Ontario. Everyone takes part in a draw with 10 tickets and have 10 times higher chances to win a jackpot. However if you win the jackpot, you will not get all money. You have to share it between all group of players. If the jackpot is 10 millions dollars you get one million.It is up to you what to choose: to have less chances to win 10 millions or to have 10 times higher chances to win 1 million?T

hich is an online realization of a lottery pool in Ontario.It is up to you to choose what kind of lottery to play and how many tickets to buy.Everyone invests any amount of money and then shares total prize in the proportion of everyone’s investment. For example: Jack requests one LottoMax ticket for 5 dollars, two 6/49 tickets for 2 dollars each and one Lottario ticket for 1 dollar (total investment – 10 dollars), Jill requests one 6/49 ticket for 2 dollars, Peter requests one LottoMax ticket for 5 dollars and six Ontario49 tickets for $0.50 each (total investment – 8 dollars).So total pool is 3 LottoMax tickets, 3 6/49 tickets, 6 Ontario49 tickets and 1 Lottario ticket, total investment is 20 dollars. If the pool’s winning will be let’s say