I grew up with traditional looking furniture in my parent’s home. It blended in well with their own home décor of wall hangings, art and other home accents. When it was time to move out onto my own with my wife and start my own family, I was hoping for furniture that could help reflect my own taste and style as well as my wife’s. We liked furniture with clean lines and contemporary design. So we began our search for modern bedroom furniture.

Modern furniture presents you with some interesting choices in the way of bedroom décor. The most modern concept in beds is referred to as a platform bed. These beds incorporate the idea that your bed doesn’t require an old bulky box spring but can instead be more open by having a foundation built into the bed that consists of slats or panels. These will provide ample support for your mattress and will help to open up the look of your bed.

Bedroom furniture made with modern styling can incorporate many new design elements to better make use of their unique designs. Modern platform beds may feature lift up storage which allows you to lift up the supporting frame and mattress on your bed to reveal storage beneath. Because platform beds don’t use box springs it allows for more space beneath the bed. This space helps to accommodate storage areas as well as under bed storage drawers which essentially give you a chest of drawers beneath your bed.

Many modern platform beds present more space beneath the bed since they don’t use box springs. This will help to open up the look of your bedroom with a less cluttered look.  Still, other platform bed models will present lower profile designs which open up wall space. These beds will feature side rails or headboards which stay lower to the ground because the bed’s design and the absence of box springs. You’ll also find that modern platform beds still incorporate traditional materials such as wood or metal into their designs. However newer model features may integrate glass as well as fabric or upholstery into bed designs.

Other modern design elements in platform beds include integrated tables that float or align with the headboard of your bed. This provides a more unique design that creates a contemporary look for your bedroom by introducing new design elements into your décor that aren’t static. Other case goods like dressers, chests and mirrors also can be made with a modern flair which will bring together your bedroom with matching pieces.

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Platform bed structures feature your typical side rails, headboard and footboard. The primary difference with beds made for mattress/box springs is that those beds use a wood or metal support system that consists of 2-4 cross pieces with minimal support across. Mattress/box spring beds are designed with the intent that a box spring be placed over the top of the frame which is typically close to the ground. Platform bed frames will sit higher up off the ground and will feature slat support systems with around 10 or more slats and center support rails or legs. Some platform beds may incorporate masonite or solid paneling as well.

Modern bedrooms start with the bed. Platform beds are a great way of achieving a cleaner, contemporary look by having a more open design beneath the bed. No box springs are needed with platform beds and these beds feature a built in foundation of slats or panels.  These designs also give way to integrating under bed storage, glass headboard designs or even fabric or upholstery around the bed or in the headboard. Add matching case goods with these beds and your bedroom will feature contemporary styling that will blend in with your modern décor. Consider a platform bed when designing your new bedroom.