Monobrex will not cure you of mono there is no cure for mono because it is a viral infection. It will stay dormant in your blood for the rest of your lifetime. Once you have had mono, it is uncommon to have a relapse. However, if you have not fully recovered from mono and try to get back to a normal regime you could be endangering yourself. There are numerous cases reported of people who did not fully recover from mono because they tried to get back to their normal life too soon and they have acquired a socially, financially and even physically debilitating condition—Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.Monobrex is powerful. It is a safe and effective way to get relief from sore throat and infections caused by mono after it has weakened your immune system. Many doctors have prescribed patients steroids to relieve them of strep and sinus infections, and other symptoms that might accompany mono. While this may take care of the immediate problem, steroids have been known to have serious side effects such as weight gain, acne, joint distress, mood changes, and more. Monobrex is completely all-natural, a safe blend of botanical extracts and vitamins that naturally assist your body in fighting infection. The only side affect is a quick recovery!Learn more about MonobrexYou know how it works Monobrex gives your immune system a super-charge. Here’ s why it works: Monobrex is a powerful combination of 20 all-natural ingredients that are essential to making it effective in boosting your immune system. But what exactly is your immune system? It is fairly complex. Your immune system is a method of defense that your body has developed using specific organs which perform a series of complex, sometimes life-saving actions. Your spleen is crucial to this system. It is essentially a really large lymph node. The lymph nodes, specifically the spleen, filter blood for the rest of the body. When there is an infection, these nodes and organs swell. This is for two reasons: (1) The increase of white bloods cells to fight off infection and (2) the increase of antibodies which “study” the infection so that if it is ever present again in your blood your body is equipped to fight it. They also attack and destroy infections. Mono is considered a systemic infection which means it is present throughout the whole body, not just in one location. For this reason your spleen is involved, not just the lymph nodes you may be familiar with in your neck or armpits. Your spleen filters blood before i t reaches the liver which performs many of the same purifying actions that the spleen does. When your body is overrun with infection, as is the case with mono, your spleen and liver must work incredibly hard to defend the body and filter the blood. This is why a pain on the left side of your abdomen is common during mono – that’ s your swollen spleen. This is also why it can take so long to get better from mono. There is a lot of infection for your body to fight. Your liver is working hard at the same time to filter and purify your blood and other bodily fluids. It is easy for your lymphatic system to be flooded. The more you try to keep up with daily life while infected with mono, the less energy your body has to fight the infection. This causes you to experience the symptoms of mono for weeks and sometimes months. Monobrex is a power-packed blend of herbs and vitamins specificy for detoxifying your liver and spleen. This lymphatic support enables your body to fight the infection faster and more effectively than all by itself and to prevent a relapse of symptoms from ever occurring.There are no dangerous or harmful steroids, additives or fillers in Monobrex which would create an even more toxic environment in your liver and force your body to work even harder. That could potentially cause you to experience even greater fatigue and long periods of painful symptoms. Along with steroids and additives, there are other substances you should carefully avoid while infected with mono which are well-known toxins to your body. These are: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, white flour, and processed foods. For some of these it is almost impossible to avoid eating; they are in almost everything we consume. However the two most important substances to avoid are caffeine (found in coffee, tea, chocolate and soda) and alcohol. If you or your child is infected with mono these could delay or even worsen symptoms. Combining Monobrex with a diet high in fresh raw vegetables and fresh fruit will guarantee fast recovery in 10 days flat.Just a few of the ingredients in Monobrex include:Milk Thistle- proven toprotect the liver by strengthening the outer membranes of liver cells, which prevents toxins from entering the cells, also stimulates protein production in liver cells, which helps to restore and repair the liver Astragalus Root- a member of the pea family, it increases the levels of certain immune cells that fight viruses, also stimulates the secretion of a powerful anti-viral chemical known as interferon, which prevents viruses from replicating, boosts the levels of anti-bodies in the body. Cleavers- known to eliminate toxins from the body, helps drain the lymphatic system of excess fluids and toxins, cooling to the skin, lymphatic system and rest of the body Dandelion Root- well-known as a blood and liver purifier, assisting the liver, kidneys and spleen in expelling toxins and obstructions Echinacea- well-known and widely respected as in immune booster, commonly used to fight cold and flu symptoms, all of which occur with mono Eucalyptus and Peppermint- calming and soothing both on the insides and the throat Citrus Bioflavonoids- work like Vitamin C to help the body absorb other nutrients, known to reduce inflammation Vitamin B12- restores red blood cells which in turn restores energy to the body; most of the B12 in our bodies is stored in the liver, this ingredient is crucial to regaining energy As you can see, Monobrex contains the necessary ingredients guaranteed to give your immune system a super-charge. It isAll-natural and safe Powerful Proven effective Supports, strengthens and super-charges your immune system A sensible, valuable solution Monobrex has been used successfully by thousands of people trying to get their life back to normal since being infected with mono.