Dogs are keen and enthusiastic about learning new tricks too. The problem is sometimes we are over ambitious. In this article, I will discuss a simple rule which shows you how to teach your dog a new trick in 5 minutes

We tend to want our dogs to perform complicated tricks right away. What’s more, we tend to get frustrated when our dog can’t perforn these complicated tricks. A lot of times, we may think that it is a simple trick, but actually, it is quite challenging for your dog.

What is important in teaching your dog new tricks is patience. By following a simple rule, you can teach your dog a new trick in 5 minutes.

How to teach your dog a new trick in 5 minutes – A simple Rule

The simple rule is to teach your dog tricks in increasing complexity. For example, if I would like to teach my dog how to dance, I cannot immediately try to teach her the routine. It is very unlikely that she would get it and you may waste your time trying to accomplish it. It is frustrating for you and very stressful for your dog

So, how do I train her to dance. I will break it down into 4 simple routines and teach her one routine each time. When she has grasped it. I will go through with her for the next few days going through the routine until she is very familiar and intuitive for her when I give the command.

The 4 routines I would break down to are

One – Sit

This would be the simplest one and it should be the first trick that you should teach your dog. Most of the other tricks would proceed from this trick. I would repeat this trick with her until she is very familiar for her

Two – Paw

The next trick which I would teach her would be the paw. In this trick, it simply is to get her to place her paw on the palm of my outstretched hand. Similarly, I would repeat this trick with her continuously before moving on to the next one.

Three – High 5

The high 5 is a bit more difficult as it would

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require her to stand on her two hind legs and to strike the palm of my outstretched hand with her front paw. She would need to learn to balance herself while extending her front paw.

Four – Dance

The last step is the most fun part. After the high 5, I just get her to hop and turn on her 2 hind legs, just like dancing.

There, this is the simple way that i teach my maltipoo new tricks. So, every time you think of teaching a new trick to your dog, you can use this simple rule.

Firstly, think of what the trick entails. Secondly, see how you can break the trick into smaller steps which you can teach your dog. Thirdly, proceed to teach your dog each step separately until she is familiar with them. Lastly, combine all into the final trick that you have in mind for your dog to perform.