Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world with nearly 30,000,000 visitors each and every year to our wonderful city, cooling-off during the summer months for tourists and locals is absolutely mandatory.

Pool Service Las Vegas

Pool service is very crucial here in Las Vegas especially during the months of April through and including September. During these months the temperatures here in Las Vegas can reach up words to 115° and maintain that temperature of over 100° for 30 days in a row. This can be a very challenging time for pool service companies that maintain swimming pools here in the Las Vegas Valley.

With temperatures exceeding 100° for weeks at a time it only takes three days to turn your beautiful sparkling pool into the black lagoon.

Acid Washing

If you’re pool has turned into the black lagoon chances are it is time for an acid washing session with your professional pool cleaning service company that specialize in green pool turnarounds.

Several companies boast their ability to take a green pool and make it sparkling blue in a very short period of time, however the truth of the matter is, you want to make sure that your pool service cleaning company have the expertise not only to clean your pool, but to do absolutely no physical damage to your pool decking, pool tile and most of all your pool plaster.

Acid Washing Process

In a standard acid washing process, the pool cleaning company will strip a tiny layer of plaster to expose the fresh layer beneath. With most plaster here in Las Vegas being a minimum of a half-inch thick, getting this service done once every couple of years should not create much of a problem for you as a homeowner. Some homeowners however get acid washing done twice a year because they love the look of their pool after the acid wash. This is ill advised, as it can accelerate acquirement for re-plastering and can be very costly.