RC Car is fitted with small electric motors and small batteries. Usually batteries of nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydrate are used in RC cars. Some cars are powered with petrol and some are powered with nitro fuel. The advantage of using electric powered cars is that you can have fun with them even in indoors. The same will not hold good for fuel powered RC cars. The process of assemble and dissemble of fuel powered cars is also somewhat difficult than electric cars.

Radio controlled cars are different from remote controlled cars. Remote controlled cars will help you have fun to a certain extent. With the availability of Radio controlled cars, now, you can have more fun than ever before. You can get almost real life car controlling feeling with radio control cars. RC car can be prepared from ‘do it yourself’ kits. RC cars are available in the market in different shapes, sizes, speeds and budgets. Some models are also available in readily assembled types. With every product that you purchase you will be usually supplied with the instructions. You can go through the manufacturer’s instructions before toying around. How to assemble and dissemble the toy will be mentioned in the manual. You will get more fun when you go through these ‘Do It Yourself’ kits. It is really an exciting world of entertainment both for young and old people.

You can order an RC Car of your choice directly from the website. You can avail discounts as high as 90% when you purchase from the website. You can even participate in racing with these funny small cars. The culture of racing communities is fast spreading even in India. You can search for your favorite car from the website by using various search parameters like price, review, videos, etc.