Secret: “The ability to reduce development costs” Germany Navigation Enterprise Edition – the integration of front and back navigation application solutions

Market demand: the navigation and application of enterprise-class terminal and the background used in conjunction with. When monitoring vehicles, vehicle scheduling, before and after information exchange needs of enterprises find it difficult to find the front and back office integration supplier of navigation applications. To find suppliers for the enterprise GIS platform and existing business systems rarely a good docking, market demand and supply, breakage, and High German navigation Enterprise Edition to meet the market demand. 1 front and back office integration, interactive navigation features

Enterprise-class navigation applications in logistics and distribution, road rescue, electronic government, inspection, etc., have a great market demand. How to better meet the customized needs of these user groups, is the enterprise-level navigation applications should work towards. High German navigation Enterprise Edition, the first back-end integration solution capabilities, or have a big advantage. In data collection, the Enterprise Edition, German navigation, high road relief projects very representative, and the seamless integration of business data, monitoring, positioning, scheduling, path navigation, information exchange and other content.

Roadside assistance, for example: Gao De navigation Enterprise Edition solution to achieve the scene reproduction

(2) reduce the integration of the development costs, and corporate own GIS software – ESRI, Inc. Gold strategic cooperation.

Based on before and after the integration of enterprise-class navigation applications, the ability of suppliers to provide software and integration of existing enterprise GIS software is an important factor to control development costs. The high German navigation software Enterprise Edition are receiving the praise of the market, in-depth study optimization companies to develop cost control. High Germany MapABC in 2011 an important strategic cooperation has further strengthened the ability of integration with existing enterprise GIS platform. August 18, 2011, Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. Gao MapABC Esri Chinese companies to establish the gold medal strategic partnership to protect the high German navigation Enterprise Edition with existing GIS software to achieve seamless connection, enabling businesses to leverage the outcome of the existing GIS software. reduce development costs.