To compensate for the massive drop in the economical welfare, people are on the lookout for secondary sources of income that can incur a hefty income to maintain their luxurious lifestyles. When the multi level marketing enterprise hit the market, people were susceptible to venture into unknown territory. With the simplified business plan coupled with effective mechanisms, the MLM enterprise began receiving public acclaim and individuals began understanding the basic concept adopted by the system. Direct selling and network marketing are the two components of the business plan that facilitate the basic functioning. Direct selling includes the buyer and seller to make the deal directly without wasting money on advertising mediums while networking indulges in the promotional aspect of the business using the power of the spoken word. Before the qnet scam, hit the media and online mediums, people were enjoying the benefits of the enterprise.

The MLM enterprise has a simple philosophy which usually gets mixed up with another marketing strategy called pyramid marketing. The MLM enterprise deals with the sale of products and not plain referral mechanism to run the company’s business. On the other hand pyramid marketing utilises the referral procedure without sale of products. Two contrasting schemes with two sets of contrasting set of policies that are jumbled due to lack of knowledge and sheer ignorance on the part of the public. The system plan enables the individual to enhance his growth and development on a personal level. The business propaganda suggests that the MLM enterprise is created to bring about overall economic enhancement and provide a platform for average individuals to showcase their business talent. The MLM companies have the ability to captivate the world with its simplified strategies created to bring about global change but the qnet scam changed the perception of the MLM enterprise completely.

Tables turned and the qnet scam capsized the entire functioning of the MLM enterprise and brought it to a temporary halt. The false representation of facts caused lot of confusion and mayhem amongst the public who hesitated from connecting with the overall enterprise. People failed to look at the truth and started following the allegations without any kind of reasoning. When the situation become too much to handle, investigations were started to pinpoint the truth from the lies. The evidence showed that MLM enterprise was victimized to devious ploys instigated by rival companies..

This little hurdle did affect the system on many levels but somehow the people managed to look beyond the problem and reinstated their association with the company. The MLM enterprise struggled to come to terms with the downfall of the qnet scam, but over stipulated time they managed to dust off the mishap and looked at new beginnings. The enterprise followed the policy of business and oneness, using these policies to their advantage; they managed to revive their identity on a commercial level. The truth remains clear that no matter the condition of the marketing scenario, a strong company is one that rises after a temporary setback with the same perseverance to succeed.