When going out to play paintball it is a good idea to be prepared in the field for many situations. Accessories will help you with having an edge over the competition. There is paintball gear for just about everything from goggles to foot wear and all kinds of upgrades for guns.
Some players Increase the amount of paintballs there hoppers can hold by buying upgraded modules for their guns. Doing this gives them more rounds to shoot before a reload is necessary. There are several different modules of hoppers to choose from.
You can also purchase shorter barrels for less weight on your gun making it easier to carry. Differentpellet fapellet brikett fabrikett people prefer different size of barrels so make sure you find the right barrel for you.
Whether in an outdoor field or in an indoor facility the right gear will keep you comfortable and more focused on the game. If conditions are wet and muddy you might want to consider a rain suit of some kind along with a good pair of all terrain boots. When weather conditions are favorable you might want to wear something more flexible and light weight.
Most importantly, remember to always keep safety in mind and wear the right safety gear when out playing in the field or practice range. Goggles are a must for eye safety.
Not only will eye protection keep a paint pellet from hitting you in the eye, it can also keep the paint out of your eye from a popped paintball as well. A lot of the goggles that are available for this sport come equipped with a whole face shield mask to protect you when in play. Some people use ear protection as well because of all the noise and to keep the paint from getting inside your ear.