Blogging is one of the most powerful internet marketing favorite topics. There are a lot

of topics about what is blogging, why you should start blogging, how a blog can make

money for you and advice on how to promote your blog. Wikipedia mentions that a blog is a

website with regular entries that may contain video, graphics, and may be either personal

or corporate. So as many blogs are corporate then they can be a great platform to start

an internet business. We will present our top 10 reasons to blog and start your own

internet business.

1.A blog can be an interactive communication platform for marketing
Many blogs do not rely on text but provide also videos, music, polls, quizzes, photos,

contests. Plus reviews of products and comments make the blogging experience an

interactive one. Being interactive people tend to spend more time online and by offering

free stuff such as videos or reports you can test and apply many internet marketing

techniques such as building a list to promote your current and future products.

2.Blogging is a hot trend and odds are it will keep being hot for a long time
Trends in any market come and go. But hot trends are the ones that like in trading can be

very profitable assuming you are on the right side. Technorati often considered the major

blog search engine tracks millions of blogs and more weblogs are added with a non

stoppable momentum daily. So ask yourself is it smart to not to be part in a major social

and internet business trend?

3.Easy to launch it on the web
There are many blog platforms but blogger and wordpress are the most known. Despite the

numerous procedures from legal to financing a real business requires for its setup, a

blog can be online within a day or even hours. And with so many free information on the

internet to help you answer your questions you do not need any specific technical

requirements to worry about how to make your first post or idea visible online.

4.Quick at its use
Once you get some brainstorming ideas or new offers or just want to express your latest

thoughts within a few moments you can publish anything on the internet, review it, delete

it or expand it and start a conversation. And why limit yourself to a few posts when at a

single day you can publish and blog as many times as you want different ideas that would

take days or weeks to reach your potential customers via traditional not online ways of


5.Cheap and even free business
With a very low budget of less than 100 US Dollars you can get a one year hosting and the

choice of branding your own domain for branding reasons or for seo purposes. Competition

works in your favour as most hosting providers provide discounts for more than one year

registration and providing services. Some even offer free hosting but in exchange show

ads and if you are not concerned about that then you can even have an online presence for


6.Going global
Why limit your business within national borders when you can have customers from multiple

continents and nations? You may not want or be afraid to go global marketing but if you

do you will see that possibilities of being profitable and making money expand at a very

high speed.

7.Become an expert or an authority, a guru maybe?
Going global marketing at some point you maybe considered the best leader in your market

despite the fact offering services or goods. Lets say you are a marketing expert then

people will tend to trust you and that means only one thing, making money online easier.

Same rules apply to your products if they get good reviews again guess where online.

8.Economic crisis or booming economy a home business that is flexible
Why work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday for a whole life? You can make money blogging starting

your ideal home business. Get rid of formal clothes or business body language and work as

much and when you want from the comfort of your home. Plus save money in fuel, renting,

parking and many more.

9.Individuality and customization
One of the most powerful things about blogging is that with additional but optional cost

you can customize your own settings and preferences about the appearance of your internet

business and your own pulse. Many web designers offer premium templates for your blog or

may even design a unique theme for your blog according to your needs and desires. Apart

from seo and top rankings that will help you make money online you can show your own

unique character and voice with a slogan, theme and business ideas that will set you

apart from most other blogs.

10.Make money, the primary reason for blogging
Last but not least make money blogging. You can make money blogging being an artist, a

singer, a web developer, a stock analyst, a marketer, you name it. Plus once you get high

traffic advertisers will knock at your blog and pay you for showing ads or promoting

their products. Cross marketing maybe the most efficient mean of expanding your ways to

make money blogging.