On imbibing tainted actions not only do obstacles appear in visible plans but it also seems that since on a regular footing nature’s laws are ignored the subtle aspect of nature too gets polluted. Harassments like earthquakes, storms, flooding, incessant rain, no rain, fights, agitations, crime, deadly diseases, epidemics etc are speedily manifesting in such a way that we fail to understand how they can be controlled and warded off. A harassed person deluded as to what role he needs to play becomes more and more despairing especially when in the name of progress and development efforts made in various arenas appear hollow and superficial. Thus one loses faith in the possibility of important world reforms setting in.

Very rare are those people who imbued with daring and enterprise in the midst of dark gloomy storms lights the flame of hope. Despite not getting cooperation from friends while executing creative tasks they in a lone manner labor intensely for reforms the world over. They straighten that which is lopsided and in such difficult tasks they remain firmly steadfast. They do not allow slackness or laxness to enter their hard work hence they are called great saints and messengers of God. But such great seers appear only rarely in this world. Their number is so less that the amount of contribution that could have been got from these prolific personages in order to ward off world despair is not got. Today the psyche of laymen is rendered akin to quick sand. What should have actually happened is that in order to replace wrongdoing with aptness valiant efforts should have awakened but since everyone’s psyche reeks with taints high stature zest for great tasks just does not spring forth. Today great seers like Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Lenin etc that were known straighten that which is upside down too is not manifesting in our midst.

Under such circumstances it is quite nature that the human psyche undergoes helplessness. Over here we must understand that the disease of despair is not to be taken lightly because wherever it appears it can turn even a powerful person hollow. Despair is generally conjoined to a sense of defeat and anger and tiredness takes over. A man under such terrible burden not only himself breaks down but shatters others too. Thus our energy dissipates, the life force gets depleted and since tension increases uneasiness overwhelms us. Thus no creative solution appear in our brain with the help of which the boat of life in danger can be rowed to safe shores. A man in despair who negates the possibility of victory loses everything even when victory could have entered his grasp. Despair never allows a fallen person to rise up and disallows him to make endeavors for advancement.

Hence on realizing that despair should never be ignored in every walk of life efforts must be made to uproot it. In this rests welfare of all. It is only when zest and valor remain alive and kicking that we can move the cart of schemes of all round progress. Keeping in mind the possibility of a bright world future wherever there is the shadow of hopelessness no stone must be left unturned to destroy it from the very roots. And this is possibly only when foundations are set up that can imagine the hope of a radiant world future materializing in the future.

To a great extent it is true that based on contemporary times’ trends undesirable elements get attached to them yet the solution for this is that during times of facing obstacles powerful thinking must take over and for making intense efforts the thought process of world human psyche must be awakened. In order that we pay due attention to the probability of a bright world future ushering in and to render it potent, a mental background full of zest must be created. Regarding this in order to imbue faith in world public psyche a potent and widespread effort must be made the world over.

Time and again under similar circumstances very wise visionaries have actually made such efforts and they have successfully warded off despair looming large in people’s psyche via efforts akin to blowing the Panchjanya Conch of Mahabharat War fame. It is the prime task of great thinkers of every era to convert despair into bright hope, indolence into great effort and via new foundations inciting creative enterprise everywhere.

Many such examples can be found in the annals of world history. Ferocious demons were spell bound while facing defeat at the hands of bears, monkeys full of faith and zest who under the guidance of Lord Hanuman first built the Setubandh Bridge and then entered demon Ravan’s Lanka. It was only after imbuing faith that they could lift the Govardhan Mountain in the deep recesses of men that the cowherd boy-incarnate Lord Krishna executed an otherwise impossible feat. Even today we all are inspired by the story wherein once Krishna lifted this mountain with his little finger his cowherd friends too raised their sticks to support the mountain in mid air. It is looked upon as a historic trustworthy episode.

A young lady of France called Joan of Arc lit such a brilliant flame torch of freedom in the entire country that the public enamored by her radiant personality got up in full throttle and thus the heavy chains of bondage was broken. Lenin in his own way had imbued the Russian public psyche with Prana full of inspiration which convinced all that they will succeed in their endeavor. Other revolutions in world history too tasted success on this very basis.

Within Buddha’s Wheel of Religion’s turning contemporary public was taken to be the lone substratum of a bright future. Those who clearly realized this became Bhikshus/mendicants in large numbers so as to even give up their lives for this great mission if the need arose and not only in India/Asia but in the entire world they changed the prevalent trend for the better so as to taste success. Gandhi’s Satyagraha movement we can say happened ‘just yesterday’. In those days a definite environment manifested wherein slogans like ‘Freedom is our birth right and we shall have it’ were shouted aloud. On the basis of this faith innumerable patriots faced bullets on their powerful chests, entered jails and gave up their very lives for this stupendous call of freedom.

Arjun whose mind was dripping with a sense of defeat put forth many arguments so as to avoid fighting the Mahabharat War. After hearing many such lame arguments Lord Krishna proclaimed: I have already killed the Kauravas and they are as good as dead. Hence you must just become my medium/instrument and thus taste assured victory. Arjun harbored full faith in what Krishna said. Thus he shed all complexes from his psyche and got ready to fight that deadly war.