Wedding is the most significant day in your life. There is one thing that you should bear in mind and that is to never let those perfect moments become not captured.Perhaps you’re thinking that the whole thing is all set for your wedding day but take another look, is your photographer or videographer included in your checklists? If not then here are some of the things you can select on which style of wedding photography you want.

Wedding photography or picture making deals mainly about taking photos or videos of the flow of the wedding from the planning of the wedding to the actual day. Robbi G.W. Ernst III listed six styles of wedding photography commonly used by photographers and videographers, on which you could choose from to best suit your taste, on his book entitled Great Wedding Tips from the Experts.

First on his list is the Portraiture photography or portrait photography This style of photography is done mainly in the studio with various lights and dramatic backdrops being used by the photographers to bring that classical look, you’ve been wanting for. It features the couple in a medium or medium close-up shot to create that mood and captures the personality of the couple. Portrait photography makes use of the three-point lighting and butterfly lighting plan to bring out the best features of couples.

Second on his list is the photojournalism style which, like photos in a newspaper, is not staged but depicts a certain story. Photographers using this type of photography often take a lot of shots to capture the various moments of your wedding day, that’s why hiring photographers using this style has a higher price compared to those using other types of photography. A single thing you should keep in mind when choosing this style is that you can’t expect having grouped poses here.

Sincere photography on the other hand, is a combination of the portraiture, photojournalism and environmental styles of photography. It focuses on spontaneity rather than technique. For this type of photography, the cameras used are the light-weight types to produce unobtrusive pictures. The things that you will acquire from this style are pictures of people eating, dancing, talking or sitting in groups of 8 or 10.


Next is the environmental style of photography which produces photos in candid or posed in a natural background or setting. It could be the bride riding on a horse or a picture of the couple with their family in a picturesque scene, near a lake or pond, or even migratory birds flying in the background.

On the other hand, the Progressive style of photography uses off-angled shots, cross processing and dramatic lighting techniques.

Artistic photography is the last on his list of styles suitable for weddings which deals with the aesthetics. It is associated with dramatic poses and creative lighting to evoke a particular feeling among the viewers.